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Beverly B. Sommers

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Beverly B. Sommers, age 91, died Thursday, February 28, 2019 at Windemere Park Assisted Living in Warren, Michigan. She was born September 7, 1927 in Detroit, daughter of the late Axel and the late Elizabeth (nee: Ellis) Miller.

Miss Beverly was a fine young lady, brought up under the loving and stable rearing of her parents who instilled her with many of the familial traditions that would follow her into adulthood. These traditions would have a lasting impact on Beverly as they helped mold her into the wife, mother and grandmother she eventually became.

It all began when she met the man who would sweep her off her feet and right down the aisle to share those solemn vows and promises in becoming husband & wife. The newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Martin Sommers, eventually planted some roots, welcomed two beautiful girls into their world, and went on to grow deeper in love with each passing day. As life unfolded, Martin ultimately landed a position as a railroad engineer, a job he proudly held for over 40 years,…and one that kept Beverly challenged & hopping due to his crazy on-call schedule. Yet challenging as it was, Beverly kept the pace like a trooper and always managed to provide for her man with meals at all hours,…and a packed lunch, no matter the time of day. That's just how "traditional homemaker's" answer the call. Unlike this PC world in which we live today, Beverly and Martin knew their roles,…accepted their roles,…and lived a long & happy wedded life together until God called Martin home.

Once the house was in order and her tasks were well at hand, Beverly enjoyed a number of varied pastimes and hobbies that helped bring balance to her busy world. One pastime that both she and Martin enjoyed together was travel. And not merely here at home, these two nomads were consummate globetrotter's as well. Yes, they certainly welcomed the many scenic and breathtaking destinations visited throughout America over the years,…but they were unquestionably swept away by many of the places visited internationally, most especially within the Mediterranean region. Quite often, the catalyst for their travels was spurred on through Martin's association with the Shriner's and the work they did around the world. And if it wasn't a plane escorting them to their next exotic locale, you would have probably found them aboard ship on one of the many cruises they sailed to places far and wide.

As for pastimes Beverly enjoyed in solitude, her skills as a seamstress reigned supreme,…like many of her counterparts of the day. Things weren't so disposable back then, so Mom's had to know how to mend, darn, and create outfits out of nothing at times. But this was all part of Beverly's wheelhouse as she was the master with a needle and thread. And if she wasn't creating something to wear, you could often hear the wonderful lilt of the music she played on the piano. She could fill the house with joy and happiness each time she sat down on the bench,…and her "artistry on the ivories" was music to anyone's ears.

But Beverly also had an extroverted side that often took its form on the golf course when she would join her league-mates for a day on the links. Nothing says fun like swingin' the clubs on a sunny day with friends, especially when in search of that elusive Hole-in-One. Beverly enjoyed many years of league play on the course at Sunnybrook in Sterling Heights,…and some of her most valuable trophies were the memories of the laughter and friendships shared over the years. And not merely golfing, but Beverly had tons of friends throughout her life,…many of whom remained faithful for over 60 years.

Another favorite of Beverly's was checkin' out the scene at the casino, and, perhaps, givin' Ol Lady Luck a run for her money. Being quite familiar with the operations of a slot machine, Beverly loved giving those One-Armed Bandits a workout from time to time. Never winning huuuge, a little winning here and there made for all kinds of happiness in her visits. As for a little "friendly gambling," non-casino style, perhaps one of Beverly's ultimate pleasures was enjoyed playing cards, specifically the game of Pinochle. Along with your average "at home around the card table" evenings, Beverly was also a proud and competitive member in a host of card clubs as well,…one of which she competed in for over 60 years. That's some serious card playing!

But of all her favorite things to do, little could hold a candle to the immeasurable joy she found in spending time with her precious grandchildren. They were the light of her life and infused her with a spark of youthfulness that always made her feel young again. And it wasn't merely a one way street either,…as they lived for every moment that they were able to be in Grandma's company, too! We all know,…there's no one quite like "Grandma."

For this wonderful lady who was surrounded by friends and loved ones alike, you just couldn't get enough of Beverly's infectious spirit, great personality, and kindhearted gregariousness. Everybody loved her, and she made a huge difference in so many lives. Beverly also possessed an incredibly giving spirit and the need to give of herself to others,…and truly lived out the scripture that admonishes, "consider others more important than yourself." Though she wasn't officially a nurse, Beverly was truly the Florence Nightengale for her mother, father, and mother-in-law as they transitioned from this life to the next. A "caregiver extraordinaire," Beverly was the kind of person who gave without expecting anything in return,…and did so with the heart of a servant. From her neighbors down the block to a stranger she had never met, Beverly was there,…always ready, always willing, and always for the betterment of another. Humble & heartfelt, that's just how she rolled!

She was truly one-of-a-kind. She touched a multitude of hearts and souls in her journey this side of Heaven, may