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Carolyn Ann Hallmann, age 83 of Roseville, died Thursday, September 6, 2018 at home surrounded by her loved ones. She was born May 3, 1935 in Detroit, Michigan, daughter of the late William and the late Ann (nee: Paulson) Ruska.

For many years, Carolyn was part of the workforce where she exuded the finer points of her business skills as a secretary in the retail industry. Functioning as an integral part of the management team, Carolyn is the one that made others look good and helped keep things running smooth. She poured her utmost into doing the job well, making a difference, and left behind a strong and dedicated legacy of exemplary employment.

Carolyn was extremely blessed to enjoy the hearts and lives of her four beautiful daughters, relationships she coveted from the depths of her being. And with all of that "lady love" to call upon, you'd think her well was quite satiated. But say not so…as there was a source for her love to still be extended,…and this to the only boy in her life, her Feline Friend, Jasper. We all know the capacity a pet lover has to share with their housemate, and Carolyn had that goin' on in spades. Jasper conveyed his own sense of unconditional love and provided Carolyn with countless hours of comfort, compassion and cuddling.

When Carolyn found time away from work and the responsibilities of life were tended to, she often found solace, release and expression by tapping into her artistic side through the art of drawing. Primarily with pencils, her flair was not necessarily limited to that medium, but is certainly the venue that she shone the greatest. As everyone knows, an artist is an exceptional person with their own unique gift meant to impact hearts and lives,..and Carolyn's work was often a wonderful expression of her heart that touched countless others in the process.

Another of Carolyn's favorite pastimes was slipping on her comfy shoes and heading out for a walk. Both therapeutic and good for health's sake, she simply found sweet release by giving this low impact exercise a whirl as often as she was able. And of all the places she loved walking the most, it was the shopping malls that often called her name. Being a lover of both walking and shopping, it was the best of both worlds for this Shopping Maven.

For those who knew Carolyn, they'll be able to attest to the Super Fan she was when it came to "Sports in the D." Whether for her favorite Boys of Summer, the studs in the Winged Wheel, the Hooper's out at the Palace, or the Gridiron Game Boys in their Honolulu Blue & Silver, each provided Carolyn its own brand of athleticism, competitiveness, and fulfillment to feed her sporting appetite. And she was no fair-weather-friend where her boys were involved, she was a fan for every season. Carolyn's spirit for the "game" also took its form in the entertainment she enjoyed with family and friends, as well as that enjoyed alone. She was a huge fan of playing cards and could spend untold hours sitting around the table, slingin' the cards, and sharing some friendly conversation amidst the fierce rivalry. As for those relaxing times at home, there was always great fun to be had by tuning into the plethora of game shows that filled the airwaves. They had a way of providing Carolyn the perfect blend of entertainment and challenge that she just ate up with delight.

And you can't share a story of Carolyn without mentioning her incredible sweet tooth and all that went into attempting to fill its insatiable appetite. Though she wasn't necessarily picky of what brand of sweetness was available, she did have a couple favorites amidst the bunch. There were her delectable Milky Way bars with their chocolate & caramel goodness goin' on,…and those luscious , orange & fluffy Circus Peanuts that just melted in her mouth. I believe we can ALL attest to the rich & delightful benefits of both!

Yet of all that infused Carolyn with joy, the pleasures and memories created with family reigned supreme. Family get-togethers were always the highest priorities on her calendar, and spending those special moments with those she loved the most were unmatched by any measure. Together, they made moments to last a lifetime,…memories that are sure to bring her close again with each reflection embraced. Carolyn touched a multitude of hearts and souls in her journey this side of Heaven, may her example be a guidepost for us all until we meet her on the other side.

Carolyn was the beloved mother of Jennifer Hallmann, Vicki (Bill) Schneider, Jessica (Shane) Lesnow, and the late Julie Chadwick. Loving grandmother of Stephen Johnstone, David Chadwick, Sarah Chadwick, Emily Chadwick, Rion Lesnow, William Johnstone, John Johnstone, and the late Owen.

Arrangements have been entrusted to the D.S. Temrowski & Sons Funeral Home, 30009 Hoover Road at Common (12 ½ Mile Rd.) in Warren.

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