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Mary Elizabeth Doyle

Pause Days Gone By by Bruce H. Zimmerman (ASCAP)
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Memories & Candles

“We love you Mary . Miss you so much !Bern ”
1 of 3 | Posted by: Bern Buczkowski - Downingtown, PA

“Rest In Peace Mary... I know you are singing with the angels! ”
2 of 3 | Posted by: Patricia Hall - Downingtown, PA

“A beautiful tribute in her memory. She was blessed with a very loving close knit family. Prayers go out to your family. ”
3 of 3 | Posted by: Caroline Andresen - Wayne, PA

Mary Elizabeth Doyle, age 86 of Warren, died Sunday, January 28, 2018 at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton Township, Michigan. She was born January 24, 1932 in Cord, Arkansas, daughter of the late Steave and the late Ethel (nee: Churchill) Boyd.

Born in Arkansas and ultimately becoming a "northerner," Mary brought with her some of those "southern charms" and traditions that helped mold the person everyone knew and loved. Like many women of her era, Mary was raised having been taught the finer points of getting by in life by learning how to call upon her strengths and abilities in the time of need. Back in her day, you didn't just run on down to the clothiers and pick up an outfit or two,…you made them! Back in her day, you didn't simply pool your resources of cash and blow it all on a spending spree,…you pooled your resources of knowledge and know-how to create something from nothing, something that was stitched by hands of love. And with that, those closest to Mary will be able to attest to what an incredible seamstress she was and how her skills were often called upon when the need arose. From the many articles of clothing sown over the years for her children,…to those "feats of fancy" when her daughters' Barbie Dolls were in need of an attire makeover, Mary's talents reigned supreme. Another of the "old world, back-in-the-day" handiworks Mary was known for was quilting, the ability to take portions of fabric and utilize your sewing skills to unite them together to create a warm & cozy cover-up when the days or night grew cold. To wrap yourself in one of Mary's beautiful quilts made you warm simply at the thought that her loving hands went into each stitch. Thus was the truth in her love,…that it wrapped you like a cozy quilt and comforted you in warmth that permeated far beyond the confines of your body.

Along with her talents as a seamstress, Mary also grew up learning the joys of gardening and how to utilize her God-given "green thumb" towards providing for her family,…again, just part of those lessons you picked up in a day and time where preservation, often, made a world of difference for families that didn't have one of those money trees in the backyard. Growing your own produce and preserving them for future use was a staple that was passed down through the generations,…and Mary simply fell right in line as did those who came before her. And yes,…Mary's canning skills were a thing to behold, and a tasty delight each time one of her jars knew the light of day. But her gardening prowess impacted more than the tummy,…her flowers were also a sight to behold that filled your senses with aromatic and visual splendor, especially her gorgeous roses.

And the story of Mary just wouldn't be replete without mentioning her culinary skills in food preparation. This women knew her way around the kitchen and could whip up some incredible magic with a stove and oven. Mind you,…this was a "southern woman" who had the "right stuff" when it came to her fried chicken, a meal that made your eyes roll back in your head with delight! Yet of all the meals and cooking skills that set Mary apart from the rest, it was her famous "Sunday Dinners" that the family looked forward to and coveted,…not only for the mouth-watering fare she put on the table, but also for the "family time" it provided for her loved ones to join her around the table for a little food & fellowship. It was a Sunday event that started with Mary rising early to get everything prepared before church,…then upon returning home, the "cook went to work" and the masterpiece was soon to follow. As you began to smell the roast in the oven, your taste buds would begin to water (just like mine are doing right now), and it wasn't long before all of Mary's hard work was being enjoyed as she watched her family partake of the Lord's blessings. On one memorable day, God sent an angel in the form of a child who was provided the privilege of enjoying one of Mary's meals. Upon finishing his delicious repast, the child remarked that her food was so good, she could be the "Cook in Heaven." Perhaps, now, she is!?

And for as great a cook as she was, Mary could also whip up some tasty and delectable desserts with baking talents that rivaled the master's. From her chocolate chip cookies,…to those eye-popping brownies,…and the mother lode, her infamous "Wava Cake,"…Mary's baking made for a lot of happy bellies over the years.

So whether she was sewing, quilting, out in the garden or creating some magic in the kitchen, chances are you probably heard Mary crooning a tune as she loved to sing,…always had a song in her heart,…and lifted so many spirits with the joy that came through her lilting. She loved music and was a huge country music fan, with a couple of her favorites being Hank Williams and Alan Jackson. Two of the greatest figures with some of the finest writing country music has ever known,…and they were her boys! Of the many tunes she crooned, one that stands out the most to her children was the iconic, "Hey, Good Lookin." She would sing that when she was in the company of her beloved Eugene, until his passing in 2014. So you can almost bet,…she's up there now, with a brand new voice, following Eugene around and singing, "Hey Good Lookin."

Mary also got revived through the many joy-filled moments that accompanied her Garage Sale excursions and conquests. That's right,…Mary was a Garage Sale Pro and could often come home with some incredible "treasures." She was proficient in the art of dickering, an important tool when it came to striking the right deal. She knew the circuit…the games…and when to say No. But often it